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Hi, and welcome to my little blog!  This is me...

I am a forty something mum of two gorgeous daughters.  Originally from Cumbria in England, I now live and work in beautiful South West Scotland as the housekeeper in a Scottish Castle.
I was incredibly lucky to have had a wonderfully talented and crafty grandmother, who spent hours patiently teaching me the arts of knitting, crochet, baking and sewing.  And I loooooved it.  I loved that I could create something amazing from just a ball of wool or a length of fabric; it still astonishes me.
Throughout my teens and twenties I mainly knitted, and dabbled in sewing, but it was in  my mid thirties that I suddenly discovered crochet again.  Remember, I had originally learnt to made granny squares in the 1970s, and while it was good fun I had no desire to produce a blanket or a doily or something incredibly suspect to wear, and these were the only patterns available to me at that time.  But suddenly there were amazing ranges of affordable yarns in an impressive array of colours available to me and images of the humble granny square were appearing online in sunny bright colours.  They tempted me back to the hook and the realisation that this is my craft soul mate! 
The basic stitches are so easy to learn, but there are infinite possibilities in putting these simple stitches together to create something fabulous - and I do mean fabulous because the internet has made it possible to find awe-inspiring patterns and tutorials from all over the world.

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